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plutocrat. they knew that would help them later if it got tight and it did get tight. obama told people in the summer what are you doing? what are you thinking? i want to keep it close now and win it in the debates. that's pretty much more or less how it turned out. >> except that first debate. chris: katty. >> the fact they managed to find voters where the romney campaign didn't even know voters were. this was an election republicans could have won. but they did an incredible job. hiring david plouffe was probably a smart move. chris: they ambushed him at the end because they didn't know what was coming. helene. you covered this. >> i'm with katty. they're all such good choices. but i think the scrounging up the votes -- i remember it going to richmond, virginia, like may or something. early -- fairly early on. and they had such -- siterring at the obama campaign headquarters office and i remember one of the aides there saying do you know there's a goya factory, lat teen owe food company. and the goya factory and so many latinos -- we're not talking about northern virginia but the hear
. obama regained his footing by the third and final debate and ultimately won reelection. >> the best is yet to come. >> the margin of victory was slim when it came to the popular vote but looking at the electoral college it was a decisive victory. >> i have called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. >> ron paul who opted not to seek reelection in order to focus on his white house bid is one of several members of congress who will retire this year. representative barney frank, david dryer and dan burton from the house, joe lieberman, olympia snow and ben nelson will join 21 members of the house and five other members of the senate in hanging up their congressional careers. 2012 also marked a milestone in implementation of president obama's health care law. in a 5-4 decision back in june, the u.s. supreme court ruled the major crux of obama care the individual mandate is indeed criminal constitutional. >> happy and pleased. >> the decision was the result of lawsuits brought by 26 state attorneys general against the federal government who claimed mandated participation w
to the affordable care act, obamacare, if you will. he bombed in the first debate. what thewas e ke to the obama victory? >> the obama campaign was a brilliant, disciplined campaign. it had a very narrow route to victory, and it proceeded to follow it with incredible discipline and a sense of direction, and they raced to a different level the organizational imperative in politics. but remember this -- five of the last six elections, the republicans have failed to win the popular vote. mittomneis i a succession. he is not an anomaly. >> the main reason for mitt romney's defeat, given the problems the president had. >> if you ask people at the end of 2011, middle of 2011, to look like a slam dunk for republicans. one of the reasons we are at the fiscal cliff is the republican resolution was under the tacit assumption that they would control the white house, so who cared about everything stacked against them. the main proble w obama ran an absolutely brilliant campaign. republicans had a very weak field, and romney was the best of a very weak field. he himself was a very odd candidate. after the fi
that the president's ads had been maintaining for months and hard with the poor debate performance from obama at first to come back from. >> in 1984 i knew mondale was going to lose when he gave his acceptance speech and said the next president has to raise taxes. he won't tell you, i just did. this year i believe i knew that mitt romney was going to lose when he said, i will veto the d.r.e.a.m. act if it gets to my deck. when he said that in republican debate i knew he couldn't get to 30% among latinos and he was done. >> it sounds like an obvious answer but president obama's re-election will be seen by history by -- i think the way that he won, the way that he won so decisively, so clearly and with an electorate whose composition surprised the heck out of the republicans will make his second term seen as -- he can no longer be seen as sort of a flukey creation of the wars and the bush economy. he's actually -- >> i'll do a variation of that. election night, the amazing moment when fox news and all the other networks had called the election and karl rove went on to say, no, wait a minute. th
just have to take a look at president obama during that first debate. it was -- it was a sad moment. the reason we were so excited about biden, what was going on there? >> i'm glad we had the sad drama. it sound tracked to 2012. i feel like biden is like a fun dad but then was able in the debate to get away with being angry dad. he's like fun, laughing, i'm kind of condescending to this guy and then with the jack kennedy line, like seriously, don't mess around. >> that's the thing. joe biden is your crazy uncle joe. it's not a joke. you go to thanksgiving dinner and mention something. don't mention it then he's like i'm getting out. uncle joe, go back a little bit. now i have to say -- >> so i think it was funny that the president actively tried to be funny in multiple points of the debate. when he woke up for the foreign policy debate, he had a great moment where he makes the bayonet joke. let's listen to the president being funny. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships in we have fewer horses and bayonets. >> classic. >> let's go, obama. did his staff finally
romney's faith. it captured something that we knew are was there. >> you write that president obama stored out of a debate session and he had tensions with the staff who knew he was not up to par and that and joked that romney wasn't human enough to get elected. have you reported either of those things during the campaign, they would have been bombshells. >> that is true. i would like to think they're bo bombshells now, howie. one thing that was interesting in covering both sides of this story t wasn't, it wasn't as close as we thought. the two organization were not really comparable in terms of scale and competence. that really what comes through. we had one that was more of a facade and the other working on a deeper level than we could have imagined. >> if anyone had reported during the campaign that the romney campaign was not up to par in terms of competence. >> we would have been nailed as being bias. >> now able to report something that you couldn't report and maybe you didn't have any of the information. you would have been nailed as being bias and certain things that are jus
forward to you debating barack obama. that would have -- [cheers and applause] been amazing. one of the things that was really noticeable and palpable in the last year of the presidential debates and the candidates was the lack of media objectivity. and as a media person, what do you suggest for this next wave of breitbarts and television and bloggers in order to combat and, basically, silence this mainstream or lame stream media that we have today? >> well -- [applause] and if you go back and look at the debates, i did a fair amount of policing. [laughter] but my first, my first question as republicans look at this, and i've just started at gingrich productions what'll be a six month project of reviewing and trying to learn the lessons at a much deeper level than you're going to get from the current wave of analysts. because i think when you lose five out of six presidential elections in popular vote remembering that bush got a minority of the vote in 2000 and we, you underperform in the presidential election of 2004, the weakest incumbent re-election in history. there's somethi
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to the affordable care act obamacare if you will. he bombed in the first debate. voters saw a different romney than the candidate for trade in the campaign ads. but then, we saw the victory marked >> the obama campaign was a brilliant, disciplined campaign. it had a very narrow route to victory, and it proceeded to follow it with incredible disciplinend sense of direction, and they raised to a different level the organization imperative in politics. the 2004 bush campaign had been good, but remember r this -- five of the last six elections the republicans have failed to win the popular vote. mitt romney is in a succession. he is not an anomaly. >> the main rereason for mitt romney's defeat, given those problemsms the president had. >> i do think if you ask people at the end of 2011 the middle of 2011, it looked as if it was a slam dunk for republicans. e of the reasons we were at the fiscal cliff wasas because the republican resolution of the debt crisis of 2011 was under the tacit assumption that they would control the white house who cares about everything stacked ainst them? i think the main cau
. it is utterly broken. the government's broken. we need to fix it but we need to have public debates. one side puts a plan on the table, like the house has done, they have passed two budgets, with proposals to save medicare for future generations. senator harry reid has not passed budgets. president obama's budgets have been voted on 3 times, the final vote tally, 0-610. so getting back to your first question, have i seen a plan out of this president that would be an obvious yes from us? i haven't seen any specific plan. all i have seen is demagoguery and a few numbers thrown out, whether it's $800 billion over 10 years or $1 of revenue for $3 of spending cuts, but nothing specific that we need to see to hammer this thing out. >> he says the onus is on congress, this is your job to get done. he said in the clip we just had, if it doesn't get done, the people who are going to pay are the senior who is will lose out on benefits that they are enjoying. is that an accurate representation of what will happen? >> no! this country needs presidential leadership. the house has passed two budgets that w
they are willing to articulate philosophical differences that is risky, you have a debate worth having. >> sometimes you need a charismatic leader to come to the front and that answers the question. >> barack obama did it for the democrats. >> he did it, indeed. don't republicans, i'll give you the last word. don't they have to get past a few issues before they can start reshaping themselves and fiscal cliff? >> this is, they're going to have to figure out where they are on taxes and figure out where they are on immigration. i think if you look at those two issues, you're going to figure out what direction the republicans have, if they have decided to take one. >> karen, thank you. jerry, jessica, matt, thanks, you guys, for being here. >>> when we return, the politics of procrastination. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero h
of wealthier americans. of course, president obama wants to see the bush era tax cuts extended for those making $250,000 or less while letting it raise on those making more than that. that $250,000 figure is up for debate and is up for compromise. i can tell you that republican leaders on the hill fired back saying he was more interested on assigning blame than getting something done and leading while they are trying to hammer out a deal. that is where things stand right now at the white house. clearly watching these developments quite closely. >> kristen welker, thank you. we will be checking back throughout the afternoon, as well. nchlts for more on where negotiations stand and whether a deal can be reached before the deadline we are joined by michigan democratic congressman. thank you for being here today. we are learning that negotiations have hit a major setback over a republican offer that includes entitlement changes. what exactly you hearing? >> i'm hearing just that. i think that the decision by senator mcconnell to bring up chain cpi is not a helpful step. it will effect the benefits
debate to what we had in 2008. we had the same debate in 2010. we had a similar debate in 2011 when we were dealing with the debt ceiling issue the first time around. and we dealt it with it in the last election. and the differences have always been that president obama has maintained that tax cuts should be allowed to expire for people making more than $250,000. mitt romney called for extending all the tax cuts fully. and making other changes to the tax code. but, you know, i mean, he wouldn't be in office right now anyway. so i think we would still be here talking about what to do come january 1. host: all right. david in maine on our line for independents. go ahead, david. caller: yes. i've been around for a few years and i've seen this coming since 1970. when revenue -- when wages did not go up, revenue doesn't come into the government. and when we constantly spend and promote money, shipment overseas, shipment job overseas, and we blame people like me on social security, you know we're elite on systems. excuse my language. host: david, we're going to leave it there. joseph rosenbe
in this country. one last thing to you mr. s. what's happening in washington, this whole debate and what is going to carry over into next year. when does it start to threaten the legacy of president obama? >> i think the only important legacy is for the american people, quite frankly. i really mean that. what i do believe is what's going on now is a kick in the pants to that legacy. it doesn't have to be a lethal kick. if we can come out, if it's not solved today, even early january, don't have to go over the fiscal cliff and cleleads uo a path in january. the agenda set out there in energy independence, education, what they want to do can still be well addressed. i believe it dmeepends on how t next few days work out. if they can't address the fiscal cliff, there's no way they can address the grand bargain or debt ceiling. i think they are going to do it, quite frankly. >> really, a pleasure talking to you both. enjoy the new year. you are enjoying family time and keeping your eyes on the redskins. i won't say which is which. happy new year. >> office politics the lester holt now. he tells us ab
the fiscal cliff in less than 48 hours. that's the main reason why president obama's sat down for a lengthy interview that aired on nbc. >> there is a basic fairness that is at stake in this whole thing that the american people understand and they listened to an entire year's debate about it. they made a clear decision about the approach they prefer, which is a balanced, responsible package. they rejected the notion that the economy grows best from the top down. >> joining me now is republican senator bob corker of tennessee. let's start with what the president -- you heard what he said. look, he argues we had an election, i won, he did campaign quite heavily on raising taxes for those making over $250,000. and he says, i went to john boehner, i offered him a trillion dollars in cuts, we're talking two to one cuts to income rates, why didn't you just take it? >> well, candy, that's interesting. i watched the interview. i don't think any american has ever seen the trillion dollars in cut that he offered. >> well, he -- >> and there's never been any specifics. if i were a president, i certain
. >>> in the midst of that controversy, president obama and governor mitt romney squared off in three debates. while both joe biden and paul ryan came out swinging at their one on only pressial debate. >>> benia minute netanyahu renewed his calls for drawing a red line on iran's nuclear program. the white house said all items are on the table. >>> the u.s. antidoping agency released a report accusing lance armstrong of using performance enhancing drug. it cost him his 7 tour de france titles. a jury son convicted jerry sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse and he was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. >>> devastation in the northeast as superstorm sandy slam inside the coast. it caused the heaviest damage in parts of new york and new jersey. it caused a gas shortage that led to long lines and rationing. >> president obama won a second term in office. >> we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america! >>> while republicans retained control of the house and democrats kept their majority in the senate. >>> and just days
: do president obama and morality -- maliki talk? guest: rarely. president obama delegated the file to vice-president biden in 2009. biden had the lead for iraq policy. there was a debate on how much to get behind maliki. ambassador hill thought he was the man we had to work with. he thought his challenger did not have a chance. there was a debate in the u.s. government where a vice president biden was in favor of working with maliki as a necessary evil or the man that was going to be there. when there is a crisis, vice president biden calls. his calls seem to have less influence as time has gone on. host: let's go to lincoln on the republican line. caller: i get in contact with many people are around the world. i have a few friends in egypt and kuwait. i am more worried about my friend in kuwait. is there a possibility iraq might reinvade kuwait anytime soon? guest: no. host: what are the current relationships? guest: understand the question because there are still issues. military lacks the capacity to do anything like that. iraq has no air force. that is one reason is so easy for
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)